You have entered a private website. If you have come here because you have received a spam from a address,
please be aware that our domain name has been hijacked by a spammer. This person or group has simply put our name in the
"Reply-To" of his spam mail so that any reply's or bounces come to my site. This person or entity is doing this without my
consent and is violating the rights of this domain. As such, I am taking action to stop this illegal activity. The FBI has been
notified and a case has been assigned. We apologize for this interruption but I am a victim as well and do not condone
the actions of these spammers. Close examination of the message headers will show that the spam does not come from, but rather from many open mail relays. The owners of these relays are victims as well though they need
to take measures to stop unauthorized mail.

If you are a victim and also suspect fraud, you can get help from the FBI at

We will continue to do what we can to stop this activity.
Thank you